Friday, October 24, 2008

For the love of your Mercedes, man!

This is just a funny little story that has since turned into a bitter memory for Kevin. On Saturday we went to a little town in NJ, Clinton, just to walk around and peruse their cute little boutiques. We had parallel parked the Jeep in between a couple of cars (a mighty fine job, Kevin) and we were back in the car looking at our map of where to go next.

The space in front of us was open by this time and a (very) old man in a (very) nice Mercedes pulled up and began what I could tell was destined to be a (very) bad parallel parking job. Just as the words "he's not going to make it" departed from my lips, he smacked into us. I giggled and Kevin gawked as he pulled up for another try. He went at it again with the same gusto and smacked us a second time, but now he was decently in his space. By this time I was outright laughing and Kevin started to roll down his window in anticipation of a "sorry about that" wave or something. Nope, he just got out of the car and wobbled off down the road without a backwards glance. That's life in the big city for you.