Monday, March 30, 2009

Finn Howard

I should have posted this last week, but it just occurred to me. My best friend Courtney gave birth to a baby boy on Wednesday March 18th. Four days later she took him to the emergency room when his temperature dropped very low and he was having noticeable trouble eating. By the grace of God, the doctors diagnosed him quickly and were able to begin working to stabilize him. He has a very rare disease, is still very sick, and needs much prayer. If you would like to read about his progress, you can visit this site for updates posted by his Grandmother.

Grant and Courtney also have a daughter, Maggie, who is so precious. If I could just say one thing about this family it would be that they have an amazing capacity to come together in the middle of trials (of which they have had more than most people) and gain strength from them. I have learned more from Courtney about what it means to be a mother than any book could teach. Please remember them in your prayers that they would feel supported by God, and be strong as a family through this.