Thursday, July 31, 2008


From July 21-26, we had our first "Urban Plunge" with the Point Church in New Brunswick. It was one part mission trip, one part urban education, and one part retreat with approximately 50 teens and college students from Georgia, California, and NJ involved. Basically we took all the community service stuff we do as a congregation and "super-sized" it for a week. They dove in head first by helping with New Brunswick's PlaySAFE program (think 200 hyper kids in a gym), Elijah's Promise Soup Kitchen, and running a huge block party. So many of the at-risk kids in our community got a glimpse of how much Jesus loves them and I cannot wait to see the long-term ripple effects of this week. During the week we saw 5 kids embrace Jesus as their Savior.

For me one of the most gratifying moments happened a few days later. I have a good friend who I've been talking to about Jesus for almost 2 years. He's had a tough life and has confessed to having trust issues with God and people. Many people from the Point have loved and served him, and the week at Urban Plunge was the final push he needed. He told me outside of Starbucks just a few days ago that he had given his life to Jesus. Seeing the faith in action of so many people convinced him more than anything that God was worth trusting. God is good!

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