Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wren Constance

She's the sweeetest thing. We all love her, I can't believe she is here and she is ours. She sleeps a lot, cries when she is hungry, is very, um, "regular", and I guess that is about it. You may think this sounds like a very normal baby, but I wouldn't know. In contrast, Jude slept only in 45 minute increments, cried whenever he was awake, and ok, being "regular" may run in the family. I was preparing myself for the sleepless nights and all of the other hard things that I remembered coming with a newborn, but Wren has been a low-decibeled sweet surprise.

Ah, but don't think it has been easy. I am TIRED, but it's not from lack of sleep; and there has been A LOT of crying, but not from a newborn. I have been telling people with a smile and a nod that Jude is going through an "adjustment" period. Most people smile and nod back in mutual understanding and then I don't have to tell them that I'm not as patient as I seem and could crack at any minute under his "adjusting" ways. Have you ever seen Dumb and Dumber? There is a scene where one guy goes, "hey, do you want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?" You can hear it here at the Pounds house coming from a two year old. He's having a hard time, he just doesn't know how to express his displeasure at not having my undivided attention. To be honest, it breaks my heart when I can't go to him immediately when he needs something. We've tried to keep things normal for him, but the bottom line is, I can't always do things for him right away.

Here are some pictures of Wren and Jude and the days after we came home from the hospital.

He loves kissing her and patting her hair. He says "hi baby" in this real high pitched sweet voice.

Bathtime is FUN. Jude doesn't mind sharing his bubbles with his little sister, and Wren seems to enjoy her baths.

Here we are on the front porch. Oma was with us for an entire month! She came 2 weeks before my due date and stayed about 2 weeks afterwards. I seriously don't know how we would have managed without her. Before Wren was born, Oma and Jude became best buddies and I got to rest a lot for the last couple weeks of pregnancy. She helped me cook and freeze meals, clean the house, and most importantly, kept my busy 2 year old entertained. Jude LOVES Oma and her "book," (iPad with plenty of kids interactive books downloaded to it).

We had some nice weather a few days after we brought Wren home and thought it was time to get out!You can't come to Vermont without a tour of the Ben & Jerry's factory. Gooood sampling at the end of the tour can be seen here:

I would like to tell you about our birth experience, I think I will post that in a seperate blog along with some pictures from the hospital.


Andrew and Abby said...

She looks just like Jude. He will get better. Think of it as building his character. I have that same color maya sling!

Courtney said...

I know it's so hard but I know you're doing a good job, no matter how bad of a job you think you're doing. It's hard to share mama with a new sibling but just think of all the lessons he's learning - the world doesn't revolve around him, there's enough love from you and Kevin to go around, sharing, patience...I could go on and on.
I distinctly remember after Finn was born feeling like I wasn't doing a good enough job for him (because I wasn't focusing all of my attention on him like I was able to when Maggie was a newborn) and I wasn't doing a good enough job with Maggie (because I wasn't focusing all of my attention on her like I did before Finn). There is no perfect parent or perfect solution but I promise it will get easier.
I love you and Wren is so beautiful! Love all the sweet photos - thanks for this post!

mtmashue said...

Gorgeousness abounds in your family Christin! Wren is beautiful and you all look wonderful. We miss you down here!!

Laura said...

Wren looks so sweet! I hope we get to meet her someday!

Lori said...

So cute!!! Congrats Pounds family!!!