Monday, December 22, 2008

Good Birthday, Great Husband

I turned 30 last week. It's been a really good year, a lot has happened and I'm looking forward to growing into my 30's. Kevin had a couple of things planned for my birthday last Thursday. I knew that we had to be somewhere at a certain time, and when we got in the car and he told me the name of the town, I thought for sure I had guessed our destination.

Highland Park doesn't have much going on by way of nightlife, so I was fairly certain that we were heading to the dance studio for some lessons. While Kevin has this unexplained penchant for dancing (even at the most inopportune times), I am one of those very inhibited people who feels completely self-conscious on a dance floor. When I told him that I "knew" we were going to the dance studio and to please tell me what kind of dance lessons that we were taking, his face said that I had guessed right. He told me we were taking Salsa lessons, and I started to get very nervous. I assured him that I thought it would be fun, but I was just a little tense in anticipation.

We parked and were walking down the street towards the studio and Kevin said, "I just wish you could relax before we go in there." He stepped inside a shop and I followed him in and realized we were in a cute little day spa. When he walked up to the counter and told him that he had an appointment for his wife to get a massage, I was so relieved I couldn't stop myself from crying a little! It was such a nice and relaxing hour, a wonderful surprise and indulgence.

Afterwards we went to a restaurant in New Brunswick called Delta's. They serve true Southern Soul-Food. It was wonderfully fried and familiar. Our favorite was the fried alligator that we had as an appetizer. Here are a couple of not great pictures we took with Kevin's phone at the restaurant.


Aunt Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday and Congratulations too!!! What a wonderful way to start the 30's - a massage, a good meal and THE VERY BEST OF ALL a new baby. We are so happy and excited for both of you.

Kevin - you are a thoughtful husband (Glad you didn't have to take salsa lessons Christin)
Love you guys

Laura Camp said...

What a great hubby!

Brandon and Christi Tyler said...

What a creative hubby! Happy Birthday!