Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Deep Greens and Blues are the Colors I Choose..."

Our 20-week ultrasound revealed a definite BOY! I have to say, this Pounds family sure does know how to produce boys, and if the existing Pounds guys are any indication of what ours will be, I am so thankful. Kevin was surprised by the news, I guess he was really expecting a girl to offset the apparent boy-epidemic that is going around our pregnant friends. But, I wasn't surprised. I wouldn't have been surprised either way. Some mothers that I know say that they just knew what gender they were having--either by a divine feeling or by maternal instinct. Well, my maternal instinct was still non-existent, and my feelings yielded a huge question mark, although I didn't mind too much.

It's been about 3 weeks since then, and a lot has changed inside of me. For whatever reason, finding out that we are having a boy has made me feel more than just pregnant; I feel more and more like a mother every day. Naming him has proven to be no small task, I mean, who is he? There is a whole world of thoughts that I have about him that are completely new to me--like, what type of personality will he have? Will he follow Christ once he is old enough to decide? Will he be generous and compassionate like his father? Will he have his mother's insecurities? What kind of man will he be? Even more than these questions I wonder if we can be the kind of parents that invest their whole lives into him, and at the same time, release him to God to be the individual he was created to be.

Deep thoughts aside, we are both filled with so much expectancy and wonder at it all. We are trying to enjoy our alone time while we have it, but we can't wait to see what he looks like! Evelyn says he has my profile :).

Here are some pictures of my baby shower that Evelyn and my mom threw last weekend in Georgia. It was such a special event--most of Kevin's family was there, as well as some of my dearest and oldest friends.

First of all, check out this cake that my mom made

My best friend from Nashville came in with her mother for the shower--Courtney is 34 weeks pregnant and has been such a great source of wisdom and encouragement for me through this

Courtney & her mom, Martha

Here are the ladies that put it all together

This is one of my oldest friends, Ashley. She has a little boy that is three named Dayton

And, oh, the food!

Evelyn read a very sweet poem as well as some scripture

Shannon (my brother's fiance, who will be married in July) and Rebekah (my sister who is getting married in March) were in charge of the games, which included: Guess the Pregnant Lady's Girth (by cutting off a piece of string the same circumferance as my belly), and Shower Bingo.

So many cute presents--this boy will be well clothed
The ladies from Seredipity House in Acworth (where I used to work); Darlene Knight (owner), her granddaughter Mackenzie, and Audrey Wilson.
My mother's best friend Marla, who helped a lot with the shower, Aunt Lily, and Aunt Linda
Cindy, Lynn, Teresa, Kimberley, and Judy
Hattie Moore, who used to be on staff with The Point in NJ--we are hoping she will come back one day!
Audrey, Debbie Jones (Kevin's aunt) & Brandy Bozeman (Kevin's cousin)


Jennifer Zila said...

the shower looked so fun! i love all the decorations and the CAKE! oh my, it's beautiful!!! love it, love it.

Lori said...

Yea!!!I'm so excited to see a post and pictures and a BOY!!! I'm a little jealous. Ours only come in the make of a girl. We kind of like them now though, J/K. Keep updating!!

Landers Family said...

You will LOVE having a little boy!!! I was so excited when Court called to tell me you would be having a boy because they are so much fun and so sweet. You look great and I can't wait to hear what name you finally land on. Congratulations!!!