Friday, May 8, 2009

Worshipper of God

For those who doubted that this baby would have a name before his birthday, we are happy to announce that, in fact we have come to a decision. After wading through hundreds of names that were thrown on the cutting room floor, we picked up again one of the originals - a first thought from the adoption days. So, 'here goes'...

Jude Chastain Pounds

The criteria? Simply this; nothing too common, nothing to crazy, something with meaning, and with limited monikers. Jude means "worshipper of God; or thanks, gratitude, praise" and we have been praying over him that he would be a worshiper of God in the sense of his name. If I could sum up my feelings about this child into one word, it would be gratitude, so the name is for me as well.

Chastain is a dear family name that has meaning to both of us. It's Kevin's mother's maiden name, who is from an historic Atlanta family. Many roads, parks and landmarks are named Chastain in the Atlanta area where we both grew up. Living in NJ now, it appealed to us to use this familiar name that was so present in our childhood, just to give him a little family perspective. We are also happy to honor Kevin's mother, Evelyn, since she passed on to him such a rich heritage of prayer and faithfulness.

One more week until my due date, the belly has grown since the last picture:


Anonymous said...

You look great!!! Did you do something different with your hair? Bangs?? I wish I could see you from the looks cute from the side though =) ~~Ashley

Courtney said...

Wow, what a gorgeous preggo! And you're right, the bump has grown since the last photo. You know I love his name and I can't wait to see how it suits him! Come on, Jude, your parents are ready for you!

Brandon and Christi Tyler said...

Wow, it seems like it's flown by and it's almost time for Jude's arrival! What a great name! I especially like the Chastain part being such a heritage for both your families. You look absolutely beautiful and we are so looking forward to meeting him! (well, at least meeting him online for a while!) We love you guys and are praying for a wonderful labor and delivery!! --Christi