Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vermont & Jude's 2nd Month as a Human Being

This is one lucky baby to get to go on 3 trips out of NJ in his 3 first months of life! Month 1: Georgia, Month 2: Vermont, Month 3: (upcoming) Texas. We had a great vacation with Kevin's brother, sister in law and mother last week. Scott and Brooke came up a little early so they could visit NYC. When Evelyn flew in, we loaded up 2 cars and headed up North to a little town called Putney, VT.
Here is the cabin

Let's just get this out of the way.. I think Brooke would agree that this was the BEST thing about the cabin we rented...

The two of us pretty much hogged the hammock the whole week, it was so relaxing. The weather was a perfect 70 degrees most of the week and chilly in the mornings. The porch overlooked 2 little ponds where Scott did some fishing. Scott is actually an expert fisherman, and they do a lot of it on the little island where they live.

We (or some combination of us) hiked, biked, fished, canoed, shopped, cooked, and just hung out around the cabin.

Here are some pictures of the big family hike. Scott in his Evelyn gear, and Evelyn with her game face on:

Kevin, Scott & Brooke went kayaking one day and had a great time. I think they even swam some--Vermont water is frigid!!

We had to take 2 cars to fit everyone, and during the distribution of persons we realized that there would not be a quiet car among us. Jude isn't the best of car passengers yet, and Pippin perhaps never will be. Poor Scott and Brooke got stuck with Pippin and I'm pretty sure they were ready to throw him out the window by the time we arrived. Luckily they made up by the end of the week. I think Scott and Pippin came to an agreement--something like, "shut up or I will hurt you, you punk" is what I may have heard Scott say.

Jude was so happy in the mornings and Grandmom had such a good time holding him.

Ok, here is the sentimental part. I would like to say something about Scott and Brooke Pounds. It was such a blessing to spend a whole week and a half of quality time with them. This was our first chance at some extended time getting to know Brooke. They have been married for a few years now and are living as overseas workers on a very remote island a long, long way away.
One night we got to talking about being called to be overseas workers as compared to other callings that God leads Christians to. Scott and Brooke really believe that they are not doing anything any greater than other Christians who are called to a particular life. I definitely agree that we all have a vital role to play right where we find ourselves, and that we aren't all called to do the same thing--like becoming a career overseas worker. But, I've just been thinking more about it and I believe there is something special and remarkable about them--something that makes them stand out among us, and I don't think it is a bad thing to say it out loud. It shouldn't diminish our own callings as believers to recognize these people who are on the front lines in this war for souls.
I mean, not every Christian is willing to go to a country where they could get hurt or killed for sharing the Gospel with the natives. Think about the parts of the world where Christians live--we definitely congregate together leaving huge areas completely uninhabited by believers. Surely God would have us go there sooner and in greater numbers than we are, right? There are just so few of us willing to "go" and it makes me wonder if God has actually called a lot more of us than are willing. It's worth thinking about, anyway.
Anyway, Scott and Brooke are just what you would hope for in an overseas worker, or really, in a Christian. Humble and grateful, imperfect and know it, and willing to get their hands dirty doing...well, whatever it takes. That is a funny way to put it, I know, but I just mean that these are people who are doing what Christians should be doing--wherever they live and work. They are making a real difference in the spiritual world. I just want to do the same here in NJ.
(sorry if I embarrased you guys! We just love you and are proud of what you do!)

Now, I'll leave you with a few 2-month old Jude shots

Jude LOVES his changing table, we usually spend about 15 minutes on diaper and clothing changes. He thinks being in the nude is hilarious, and I guess I do too!
This is how I find him in the morning when he is ready to wake up. He lays very rigid and still and looks all around. When he sees my face for the first time, he grins and wiggles. I like to think that he is just so overcome with love and adoration for his mother! Looks like he is almost too big for the bassinet, next stop: Crib!
And here he is on Game Day with his UGA bib. It's a little askew, but he was especially wiggly in anticipation of the Dogs that I couldn't get a good picture.
I love watching him sleep. I know when his is what I call "good and asleep" when he is in this "don't shoot" posture.

He has started swatting and grabbing at toys that are dangled in front of him, so he loves this mat. He is enamored with Pippin.
These are just some great ones with Kevin.


Lori said...

I have an amazing respect for missionaries. They are amazing! I also love naked babies, they are so perfect. And Oh my goodness did I just read that you are coming to TX, where? when? We would love to see y'all, even if only for a little bit.

Brandon and Christi Tyler said...

Those are wonderful pictures!! Thanks for sharing them. We are so incredibly proud of ALL of you and the work each of you are doing to reach the world for Christ. We love you guys!! ummm, Texas??? Where will you be in Texas? (I'm sure you knew that question was coming!) ;)

OH, and it is absolutely precious to see the smiles on your faces with Jude! What an amazing blessing!


annette said...

Little Jude is absolute doll!!!! I know you are an incredible mommy!!!! :) I would love to meet little Jude one day, and of course see his mommy and daddy!, so please know if you EVER want to come to Charleston, there's a room waiting for the Pounds family in the Parris family's house!!!!!