Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm Bad

Like Michael Jackson. Not really, just regular old bad at blogging. My last post was Jude at 2 months and he is nearing 6, so it's been awhile. I just turned 31 (I feel like 30 just happened), and today we went out for my birthday and left Jude with a babysitter for the first time. Actually, 2 babysitters. Two gals from our church, Becky and Pilar, braved the snow and stayed with Jude while we went to lunch and a movie. These gals are awesome, I wish I had taken a picture of them. Jude had a great time and I honestly didn't worry a bit with him in their care.

So we went to lunch and to a movie. Just like old times. Only this time we talked about how last time we talked about what it would be like "next year" with a baby in our lives. Wow, things have changed. Here is a picture of me at dinner enjoying a peaceful moment, unaware that Kevin is not texting, but snapping a photo with his iPhone.

Here are some recent Jude pictures--he's getting so big. He is so much more fun now at 6 months. He is grabbing at everything. Even when he is crying, you can dangle any old thing in front of him and it's like he can't help himself but to reach for it. Kevin definitely gets the biggest smiles out of him, he's so funny. I just love him so much, more than I thought possible. That's what happens though, right? It's hard to describe the feeling of watching this little person soak everything in and learn what it means to be alive.

Here is his first trip to Cracker Barrell, our favorite place to stop when we are travelling

This one is just funny. That's Kevin completely ignoring George Washington.

This is at our good friends house, the Zimmermans, for Thanksgiving. They always invite all of the "familyless" people over for dinner, I think there was somewhere between 30-40 people this year. This was our 3rd year spending that holiday with them.
I met Mari (left) at Starbucks one day with her 6-month old, Ricky. She and her husband came to the U.S. from Japan a year ago and have never celebrated T-Giving before. Laura (middle) is a good friend that we go to church with. She has been such a blessing to me as we both became moms around the same time. We spend a lot of time together each week walking, talking and trying to figure this mothering thing out. Lennox is Jude's first friend.

Here are Jude and Lennox at Starbucks, their favorite hang out spot. They showed up this day wearing the same outfit. Laura and I think they may coordinate with each other since things like this happen a lot with them.

Blessing and a Merry Christmas to you!

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Courtney said...

Love the photos! Why was George Washington hanging around and why was Kevin ignoring him?
Can't wait for you to get here tomorrow and let Jude meet his second friend! They should go to Samford together :)