Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Day in the Life of Jude

Basically I just had a bunch of cute pictures I wanted to share.

Jude has an agenda for each day (someone has to), so we always start out with Staff Meeting in the mornings. Let's see what we have on the docket for today...

First, you can roll that little red car to me over and over again. Then, I may take a nap, but I also might not, let's just keep that hour clear. After that you can change my diaper and then make me laugh by hanging me upside down. Ok?

Ok, that's a wrap.

Next we like to play a little game called, "mommy changes my diaper and then I don't let her put my clothes back on."

I'm smooth like that, I foil her everytime...

W'at up, yo?

We love to open the mail. Hey, there's something here for me!

It's a Valentine from my sweet friend Sara...

I love Sara...

Next we like to watch a little Oprah, she is so bright and pretty... (should I be admitting this?)
Ok, now free time-- play play play! Look at this block, it's a "C" which stands for, Come and get it if you can!

What would you like for dinner tonight? As long as it requires a huge slotted spoon, a whisk, and a good deal of pounding, I can make it...

Hey, there's Pippin. Is that his head or his bottom?

Wait a minute, what? The day is over and I have to go to sleep? Noooooooo!


Rebekah said...

LOL, Jude you are one busy man. Save some of those smiles for me!!

Harry said...

Hey Jude! you are the man!! I especially like the Texas outfit, no SEC junk for you.

Love you,


Annette said...

I loved this post!!!!! :) So adorable!!!

Courtney said...

This is the best post, ever! I love it. I'm glad to know someone is setting the agenda at your house; see if he'll teach Finn how to do that here!


Aunt Suzanne said...

Fantastic post - of course the star and subject matter couldn't possibly lose - he is soooooooo adorable!!!!
Love ya'll
Aunt Suzanne

Shannon said...
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Shannon said...

He is so precious! :) I can't wait until Jude and Lyla can play together!
I haven't met any other pregnant ladies here unfortunately... maybe after baby is born I can find a mommy group to hang out with!