Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Summer in Photos, Part 2: Georgia!

We had the opportunity to go to Georgia for about 2 weeks this summer to see our families. The primary reason we went was to see Kevin's brothers, both of whom live in other countries, but were in the States. The stars aligned and all three of them converged on Marietta, Georgia at the same time!

Here is Jude playing with cousin Everett, it was fun to watch them cautiously playing together...

Standing at attention in front of the Cars movie, a first time viewing experience for Jude. He is still asking to watch the cars. They cracked me up standing like this for so long. They are wearing matching Big Brother shirts because Everett also just became a big brother!
At the Atlanta Zoo with Scott, Brooke and Grandmom
It was pretty HOT, poor baby...
Aunt Brooke braving the goats with Jude

Grandmom took him on the train! It doesn't look like it, but this was one of the highlights of his zoo experience!
Evelyn has a nice pool in her condo complex
Oh, the boys
We stayed at my mom's house and then drove to meet Evelyn each day. Scott and Brooke stayed there as well since Brian and Noelle and their 2 kids were at Evelyn's. One day Mr. Pounds came over to spend the day with the boys. They had fun playing in the yard.

They were so funny. They kind of "politely" fought over things.

"And I'm just so afraid that one day my belly is going to hang down here if I keep eating chips and salsa at the rate I've been going."

We had a nice time staying with Oma, she has lots of toys and there were always people in and out.

Wren: "Opa is so funny!" Opa: "Don't you dare spit up on me."

The piano, magical instrument.
Oma and Opa had a great pool on the deck. Jude and cousin Lyla loved it. Here you can see what will become a quarter hour of Jude drinking water out of this bowl.

Again with the piano
After a week with the Pounds' and Wolcotts', we headed over to the Conley's to visit with my Nanny who was in town from Texas. We took advantage of the event by hiring Christy Parry to take pictures! If you live in the Atlanta area, she is amazing, call her to take pictures of your family!

Here is my gorgeous Nanny, she loved holding Wren

Jude wasn't sure what he was supposed to do whenever the camera came his way

Bekah and Jared, awww!
Shannon and Lyla (miss you, Austin!)
And again, the piano



Courtney said...

I love all the photos! This is, like, five blog posts worth of photos :)
Wren looks so cute and happy and Jude is getting so big. I love the one of Wren with Dan.

Anonymous said...

laughed out loud reading your quote caption of Scott and Kevin's picture. and here is my addition.."Scott: Kevin, can we please stop talking about your belly?"

loved seeing ALL the pictures and remembering all over again how good it was to be together.

love and miss you all. -Brooke